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July 12, 2021 – Press Release

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Constitution For The People, Inc.

Non-profit Fundraiser

Constitution for the People, Inc. is pleased to announce its 3rd annual Golf Ball Drop. The proceeds of this fundraiser support the group’s mission to create a more informed citizenry by providing each Florida 5th grader their own Constitution booklet. To see why we want to provide these booklets to our students please visit our website: Home ( to view our booklet.

Constitution for the People, a 501-(C)3 tax-deductible charitable organization, aims to sell 1,000 golf balls for $25 each by August 15th and, with a matching donation, use the proceeds to print 100,000 Constitution booklets to be distributed to Florida 5th graders during Constitution Week at the beginning of the school year this fall.

The Golf Ball Drop will be held on December 7th in Veterans Community Park. Only 1,000 balls will be sold, and each $25 donation gets you a golf ball and a chance at the $3000 in cash prizes (one $1000 prize, five $200 prizes, and ten $100 prizes). You need not be present to win. Golf balls can be purchased online at  or by mail. If ordering by mail, please use the form found on the website and send your check payable to Constitution for the People to 790 107th Ave North, Naples, FL 34108 with a note saying how many golf balls you are purchasing. And remember to make your purchase by August 15th to best support the group’s mission.

Joseph L. Cofield
President, Constitution For The People, Inc.
790 107th Avenue North
Naples, Florida 34018
(239) 777-7768

Retired First Sergeant United States Army, Retired Educator Florida Department of Education, James Madison Foundation Fellow, Veterans Florida Entrepreneur


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