Constitution Project Update

Update: February 2022

Constitution For The People, Inc.

Constitution for the People, Inc. completed its 3rd Annual Golf Ball Drop on December 7, 2021. The proceeds were used to support the group’s mission to create a more informed citizenry by providing each Florida 5th grader their own Constitution booklet. The North Collier Fire and Rescue Team dropped 1,000 golf balls from the 25 feet ladder at the makeshift golf course located at the Veterans Park Recreation Park. The staff of the Veterans Park and Recreation assisted in managing the course and counting of the golf balls.

The luncheon celebration after the Golf Ball Drop was held at the Burntwood Tavern at Mercato in North Naples. The guest speakers included Marylou Williams, DTM Advanced Toastmasters of Naples and Chris Bent, Former Navy Seal and Author, amongst others. The $3,000 cash prizes were announced, and additional prizes given out to all in attendance.

The President announced the 4th Annual Constitution Golf Ball Drop would be held on December 7, 2022, which would start immediately after the luncheon ended.

Constitution For The People, Inc. invested in a new website that can be viewed here.

Rotary Clubs across the country are reaching out to gather copies of the United States Constitution for their deserving students as well. Rotary Clubs in Indiana, Virginia, and New Jersey have committed to doing purchasing booklets annually. The success of having the entire 200,000 fifth grade student population obtaining is spreading as remarkable success story from the state of Florida. As of February 19, 2022, with the purchase of 500 booklets, Rotarian Jim Fleischmann, Summit New Providence Rotary Club, from New Jersey because the 23rd states with providing booklets from the Constitution For The People, Inc.

Please use the form found on the website and send your check payable to Constitution for the People at 790 107th Ave North, Naples, FL 34108 indicating the number golf balls you are purchasing. Please remember to make your purchase by August 15th to best support the group’s mission.

Joseph L. Cofield
President, Constitution For The People, Inc.
Retired First Sergeant United States Army, Retired Educator Florida Department of Education, James Madison Foundation Fellow, Veterans Florida Entrepreneur



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