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Our club’s Rotarianship program is designed to deliver professional mentoring to entrepreneurs 18 years of age or older who have started their own business and want to shorten their runway to success by getting advice and hands-on assistance on all facets of their business from professionals who have deep knowledge and experience in their fields. We refer to these entrepreneurs as Roterns because they are interns in Rotary.

The advice and assistance can include pricing of products and services, accounting and cash flow management, proper registration and licensing, taxes, marketing, packaging and branding, advertising, networking and selling, operations, and administration.

Rotarianship is a partnership between our club members and the Rotern. Expectations are set in week one and monitored throughout the program. In exchange for the mentoring and our Rotary Club awarding the Rotern membership in our club for a year, the Roterns learn about Rotary and our Rotary Foundation which is focused on community service.

Each Rotern is expected to join a committee and help with the club’s fundraising projects that support our scholarship and leadership training programs for high school-age students in the public and vocational schools our club has adopted. Roterns play an important role in enhancing the public image of our club and our service to the local community.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in applying for Rotarianship can send us an email using the form on our Contact page.

Gary Cox, Chair

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