My Journey as a Rotern: Helen Michell

Naples Bay Rotary Youth Services - Rotern Intern Helen MichellHi, my name is Helen Michell, I am a Rotern at the Naples Bay Rotary Club. I joined the Naples Bay Rotary Club August 24, 2021, after being introduced to it through my sponsor and client Joseph Cofield. We have worked together on his Constitution for the People Project and through that I got to know the community and about the Rotern program.

To say the least it has been an awesome experience. I’ve been learning loads of new skills through the program as well as building connections of all kinds. Joseph has been a big help in all this – introducing me to the Club and helping me get to know everyone and of course sponsoring me as a new member.

I’ve already met loads of great people from many walks of life, all there with a common goal and to work together for a better future. One of the most notable events that I’ve experienced through the Rotary Club was the Flamingo Festival. It was a very special night for many reasons. Not only did  I get to know all the charitable work that gets done through the club but also, I got to meet our President Beverley Dahlstrom and her husband Wayne as well as Sandra Simmons all of whom I look forward to working together on many projects in the future.

To say the very least becoming a Rotern has been one of the best choices I’ve made. I’ve made so many great connections and learned new skills that will last a lifetime. And it has been a great honor to have shared my story as a young woman who grew up in Naples and lived in the UK in my teens and returned back home to take part in the community. I’ve learned that Rotary is not just a local club, nor even a club exclusive to the United States but one that’s worldwide which is great for someone like me who’s traveled around the place. Knowing all this it has made me so happy and honored to have joined this community. I see nothing but good things coming from being a Rotern in the Rotary Club of Naples Bay.


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