Speaker Series Update March 15, 22

March 15, 2022 – Joan Medinilla –Everywhere in America there are people who need help escaping Domestic Violence. Joan Medinilla informed the Rotarians and guests that even in Southwest Florida and yes Collier County, Domestic Violence is a problem. After the amazing presentation Joan educated everyone what to look for and how to report it when in doubt if a person needs help. Joan has started an outreach program to help young girls to escape and regain their sense of self-worth. Yes, Joan reported that young boys can have the same problem and even go up to the adult. The important thing to remember is that anytime a person is held and forced to do something against their will a crime has been done and we have a responsibility to assist and report when things are not right. Joan is teaching with other local organizations, law enforcement, and educational institutions to combat this problem.


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