Speaker Series Update - January 4

Jan 4, 2022 – Robert Lewis III – CCSO Crime Prevention kicked off the Guest Speakers for the second half of our Rotary Season. Officer Lewis III shared some amazing things one can do to avoid having your goods stolen. Mark and take pictures of all your items in your home of value. Never leave articles uncovered in a lock car. Officer Lewis III stressed many times never leave the car unlocked even when parked at home. His many tips left the Rotarians and guests very impressed.

Robert Lewis III

Bio: Due to the nature of the work done by the officers their bios will not be shown here. However, I will evaluate Officer Rober Lewis III on his presentation. He did an amazing job and set the tone and direction for the others to follow. Officer Lewis III was very knowledgeable and was able to explain all the material easily. He even had handouts for the Rotarians and guests at the end. Officer Lewis III set the tone and directions for the other officers to follow this month.


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