Speaker Series Update - January 25

Jan 25, 2022 – Sergeant Anthony Perfetto – Bomb Squad Commander presented the Rotarians and guests with some amazing equipment on hand for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to conduct its mission. As Commander Perfetto talked about the vast amount of tech equipment it was hard to believe such equipment were available. Just as the safety and traffic motor vehicle shown from the previous presentations the majority of the equipment was purchased by grants or from state and federal funding. Commander Perfetto and his crew receive training from military bases across the country which is at no cost to the Collier County taxpayers. The training is provided as a partnership with the local, state, and federal law enforcement. During the presentation Sergeant Anthony Perfetto spoke highly of the training he received in the military and his tours in the Middle East defending our nation interests. The Rotarians were in for another treat because they left the meeting room and gathered outside for demonstrations of how that tech equipment work within a bomb squad. The vest itself was heavy to carry along with the weapons and helmet. Therefore, the squad members had to be in great shape. The most impressive of all the equipment was getting to see the robot in action. The robot can go into areas before the dogs and policemen to clear the scene in order to reduce the danger. It was impressive the knowledge, skill, and ability Commander Perfetto had in explaining in concise details the operations of the Bomb Squad. The crew is so well trained the members feel that they are well prepared for any situation that will come up. What a fantastic way to end the entire month of presentations by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.


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