Speaker Series Update - January 18

Jan 18, 2022 – Chynna Bungard, Holly Cherian – CCSO Crime Prevention presented a very real picture of how the Crime Scenes are properly conducted. This is a very special department withing the CCSO where the officers are actually specialists who form a team. Everything is handled, labeled, and secured at all times from the Crime Scenes to the labs and to the storage areas for future usage. The specialist revealed how the CCSO works seamlessly with the state and federal crime labs in order to get samples of evidence processed very quickly. Many of the myth about the things seen on the popular television police programs were clarified.  The high-powered camera clicking around and covering every angle of the crime scene is very real as pointed out on television. The camera person is able to recapture evidence that may be forgotten or even overlooked during the arrival on scene. Officers Bungard and Cherian stressed that the handling of the evidence is critical in solving the cases because what seems unimportant at the moment could be the single item that determine the outcome. The Rotarians and guests were provided with visuals and very well display boards to go along with the amazing presentation. The training is ongoing as new ways to look at the crime scenes are ever changing.

Chynna Bungard and Holly Cherian bios are available due to the nature of their jobs. However, I will give an evaluation of their presentation. Both officers were amazing and presented the information with such a flow that it kept the Rotarians and guests glued to the entire presentation. The use of visual to go along with the information were superb. In addition to the visuals the displays were as real looking like the actual equipment used. The officers presented like clockwork as would hand off to the other everything worked smoothly. Specialist Cherian indicated this was the way the team members worked at the crime scenes as well so everyone knows their roles. However, each team member is trained in other areas, so nothing is ever overlooked. These officers are truly proficiency in the area of crime scene work and their vast knowledge was showcased at all times. Superb presentation and the officers even had handouts for everyone at the end.


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