Speaker Series Update April 19, 22

April 19, 2022 – Joseph Cofield – President Elect Training and Using the DACdb Training. Joseph shared with the Rotarians and guests about the amazing time he had in Orlando learning how to become an effective president. He gave a brief overview and explained that the new Theme will be “IMAGE ROTARY” with Jennifer Jones being the 2022-23 President Rotary International which is during his term as President of Rotary Club of Naples Bay. Joseph reminded the members each of them are important and their ideas and suggestions are valued in continuing to make the RCNB successful. One of the things Joseph wanted to put in practice immediately was getting everyone comfortable with using the District and Club Database computer system. He took the remaining time of his presentation to give part one of his planned four-part serial on the DACdb. The Rotarians seemed to enjoy the presentation as they gained knowledge of the system their need was starting to overcome the fears of getting on the system and inputting their information. From the reaction this was a much needed and overdue presentation for the RCNB. The rest of the weekly meeting was taken up with highlights of the successful Caribbean Cutlery Fundraiser which was followed with a video of the event. Madam President Beverly and her Committee Chair, Rotarian Sandra Simons along with the Fundraiser Committee did a superb job (as attest by the video included) while netting $10,00 profit.

Joseph Cofield

BIO: Joseph L. Cofield has led an extremely interesting life, which explains his passion for service, education, and the U. S. Constitution in particular. He served his country for 21 years as a career Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, where he was stationed in a number of foreign countries.

He has earned higher education degrees in both business and education with a special emphasis on history and the U. S. Constitution and has earned certificates in Organizational Leadership and Advanced Public Speaking.

Joseph has used his degrees and certificates to serve his community in a variety of ways. After serving his country, he began 15 years of teaching social studies to students in grades 6 – 12. Along the way he has earned eight (8) prestigious awards for teaching and service. Joseph has served in 12 different educational and service organizations. He is regularly active in his church, Rotary Club Naples Bay (whose motto is “Service Above Self”) and a volunteer with Boys and Girls Club Naples, Florida.

Joseph is serving his second term as President Elect and looking forward to the challenge of leading the Rotary Club of Naples Bay as the 2022-23 President. Visit his website -https://constitutionforthepeople.org/ – to learn more about his involvement in beside Rotary.


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