Friday, I had my first lesson on how to apply for a District Grant.  PDG Sandra Hemstead and I met at our favorite place, Perkins.  Sandra is the best grants expert in the District and also the person who trained Ruthie Ruskin. Ruthie was our Club’s District Grants Chair and I hope to do a good job for RCNB.

Sandra was a tremulous help to me in explaining where in DACdb I could get all my questions answered.  The application time opens in the spring and can take a considerable length of time to be approved by District and Foundation.  One interesting piece of information is that Grants applied for by a club that has gotten support from other clubs in the District have priority over a single club applying. A club has to show need, have members serve, and keep exact financial records. Also, photographs and any written material showing the subject project in action can give more dollars returning to the club than originally requested.

I have so much to learn and have already one Grant to begin working on.  I am looking forward to serving RCNB.

Laura Lee Walker
District Grants Chair